We are a men's and women's knitwear company based in Imola (Bologna), Italy . The knitwear factory was born in 2010 from an idea of Giuliano Zanotti who, after having worked in positions of responsibility in the major Italian manufacturing companies, decides to found "his" company. With him, the partner Luisa Dall'Osso.

Twenty years of experience in the textile sector allows us to better organize all phases of the production process and to make use of the best expert collaborators in the sector. We offer both sample and production garments to companies.

Punto Maglia produces women's and men's knitwear for end customers and on commission for major brands . Through an online clothing sales service or at the headquarters, we offer our collections: “Leonardo”, the brand of the men's line and “Queen of hearts”, the brand of the women's line.

We are specialized in the processing of noble fibers of quality and value , such as cashmere, merino wool, silk and lanital, exclusively with Made in Italy processes.

Punto Maglia ranges from men's and women's sweaters and jackets in various models, to dresses and leggings . We pursue excellence in the creation of knitwear, combining creativity and research with the knowledge of the ancient Italian artisan workshops.

The collections, designed in Italy by Giuliano Zanotti himself, are characterized by originality, excellent fit and comfort. Click here to find out more about our production .

Great attention is paid to the naturalness of the carefully selected yarns . In fact, we only use excellent materials and natural non-toxic yarns entirely produced and controlled in Italy , to offer safe and guaranteed garments.

Thanks to meticulous attention to detail in all phases of the production process, from the choice of yarns to the washing tests, up to the final prototype, we offer quality and long-lasting knitwear .

We do not lack talent and passion, scrupulousness and imagination: for these reasons we have been recognized for years as an Italian excellence for the production of men's and women's knitwear .

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