We introduce ourselves! Punto Maglia srl , owner of the online store lamaglieriaitaliana.it, has been involved in the production of Italian knitwear for over 10 years .

We design and produce in Italy knitted clothing for women and men, gauges from 3 to 14, mainly in fine natural fibers , such as pure extra fine merino wool , cashmere , silk , but also cotton and the innovative lanital .

We produce an average of 35,000 items of clothing per year and we cater to individuals but also to Italian and foreign retailers and wholesalers. You will find in the catalog a wide range of knitted garments such as dresses, sweaters and sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, leggings, bolero, shrugs, jackets, coats, vests and capes .

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We take care of the entire production cycle : conception, prototyping and shipment of the finished product, which comes on the market with two brands: “ Leonardo ” knitwear for men and “ Regina di Cuori ” knitwear for women.

The constant search for new fabrics, technologies and production methods allows us to always be effective in continuously improving the comfort and wearability of knitted garments .

60% of the production works are carried out within the company itself, while for 40% Punto Maglia avails itself of the collaboration of qualified and selected Italian artisan workshops, in full compliance with law 166/09 to protect the product 100% Made in Italy .

Quality yarns

  • Non-toxic and natural threads.
  • Twisted threads.
  • Thread colors, fixed colors.
  • Composition of the garments: cashmere, pure extra fine merino wool, silk, lanital, viscose, cotton, minimally acrylic.
  • Titles from 2/80000 (the thinnest) to 1/1100 (the thickest).
  • Exclusively Italian manufacturing, strictly Made in Italy.
  • Quality and value fibers (extra fine quality).

Machines for the production of knitwear

Stoll for the weaving (from fineness 3 to 14), Conti Complett for the linking.

Stages of Italian knitwear processing

  • Knitting : process of weaving the yarn to create the sheets that make up the finished garment. No scissor cuts are applied to obtain soft shapes. Any anomalies are checked manually.
  • Rimaglio : assembly of the sheets for the composition of the garment. The stitching of Punto Maglia is specifically designed for each model in order to perfectly follow the shape of the wearer's body without creating unsightly creases or fit defects. The garments are finished entirely by hand.
  • Fulling (washing the shirt): this process, in addition to giving softness to the garment, is essential as it prevents the shirt from deforming, shrinking or dying in subsequent washes.

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